Innovation for an eco-sanitary ventilation

Upstream of the project for this treatment plant, COGEMACOUSTIC® participated in the ventilation during the construction of the canal opening into the Atlantic Ocean, using the micro-tunnel method.

COGEMACOUSTIC® then replied “Yes We Can” to the call for tenders for the creation of a sanitary ventilation solution for the new Salé wastewater treatment plant in Morocco.

The main challenge for this application was to offer a solution adapted to our standard products and at the same time take up a major challenge aimed at reducing the installed and dedicated electrical power for ventilation by 37%. This was possible by relying on two essential orientations:
1- the use of the high level of efficiency that the type of axial fans with rectifiers in our range can provide, and in particular for exhaust air fans;
2- the engineering work on the strategy of the auxiliary ventilation in fresh air by modifying the network and by separating the zones concerned.

The project manager REDAL (a subsidiary of Veolia) and the project developer SNCE project also had a joint and strategic decision to secure the network. This by duplicating each ventilation unit in order to ensure the standby. In addition, all ventilation equipment is, like others, managed remotely from the control room.

We are very proud as this is a first for COGEMACOUSTIC® in this type of application. We put efforts in widening our field of action to new sectors of industrial activity. This is a new health and ecological challenge and a new success for all the actors involved in the project.

This project was delivered at the end of 2019 and put into service in February 2020 in Salé, Morocco for our client SNCE.