Final successful step for the new TXU smoke extractors

Successful fire tests on the new TXU smoke extractor range

After months of research & development, 2022 will be the year COGEMACOUSTIC launches the new range of TXU smoke extractors.

Designed for smoke extraction in subways and tunnels, particularly in the event of a fire, smoke extractors contribute to the safety and preservation of optimum air quality in underground structures. The presence of fire-certified extractors in a railway, road or metro tunnel is essential to ensure optimal operation in a high temperature environment in the event of an incident.

The completely reworked design, virtual simulations, preliminary tests with 3D printed blades were concluded by successful 200° and 400° fire resistance tests carried out at the end of June 2021.

Our 1120mm to 2250mm diameter devices (in vertical and horizontal installation) have passed through the Applus+ laboratory test benches in Spain to approve the F200 and F400 fire resistance.

With the involvement and trust of our motor partner WEG on this project, we achieved even higher performance than expected.

The new TXU range will be marketed in early 2022 and will inevitably mark a turning point in the ventilation market.